Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Giant Pumpkin

Our family has been hoarding a giant pumkin all winter. When we first harvested this beauty in October, baby Lily was just born, and now she's almost six months old!

This lovely pumpkin has just been sitting in the corner of our kitchen all winter, kept perfectly in it's shell. It was the first time we grew pumpkins...yes, plural...there were we didn't know how long they would keep. We cut the smaller one up many months ago, but this one we saved while we used up all our squash first. Also, we sort of wanted to see how long this big old thing would keep for!
 We wiped the surface of each pumpkin and squash with vinegar after the harvest, a technique that is supposed to remove the bacteria and cure the shell, preserving the gourd through the winter months.

Who knew a pumpkin could be so darn fun?!

Well, time to get serious...being mid-March, we had a hankering for fresh pumpkin, so...we decided it was time to cut it open!

Wow, I don't know what's scarier...that knife or my husband Andy's winter beard. Maybe he can can use the knife to shave that monster beard when he's done cutting up the monster pumpkin.

Daniel & Elijah had the best time getting the seeds out of the pumpkin-poor Elijah could hardly see inside, the thing was so big!

Yum! Raw pumpkin!

The whole family got in on this pumpkin cutting! Later we cut it up into small chunks and stored it in the up, pumpkin soup, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin frittata...that's a lot of pumpkin...we're going to have to find some new recipes!

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