Tuesday, 10 April 2012


This past weekend we left the farm to visit the city for Easter weekend; two days overflowing with visits with family and friends. We squeezed in an important stop on Saturday, however, to pick up some more seeds for our early spring planting. This will be the third year that we'll been using organic seeds from Urban Harvest in Toronto for most of our planting, and we've been super happy with these seeds...and the bounty they produce! Since our life sort of revolves around our garden, we have to love the seeds we're using!

The Urban Harvest store has just moved to a new location at 1604 Queen St. West, situated in the rear of Coriander Girl, a floral and gift boutique run by Alison Westlake. Alison's entire shop is simply charming, embracing a refreshingly natural country aesthetic that blooms in every detail throughout the shop- from the fresh floral arrangements the peek out of every corner to the assortment of vintage sea blue mason jars that line the shelves of an antique white cupboard.

Her floral arrangements are simply beautiful, especially when displayed in vintage milk glass vases and mason jars tied with her signature gift tags and rustic twine. I really can't think of a shop that is lovelier in Toronto than this one, and Alison's warm and welcoming personality makes the shop fairly glow with good vibes! Despite the long list of orders that she was conjuring into spectacular arrangements, Alison was incredibly friendly and full of information about the shop during my visit.

The aesthetic of this shop is genuine to the core-check out Alison's blog with photos of the recent reno that stripped this new space down to the vintage bare bones...the exposed original floorboards really make the space, so it was all worth it I'd say!

Both Urban Harvest and Coriander Girl are in brand new locations, our family is preparing for a new and even more fabulous garden than last year...and our whole life has been changed for the better with our new baby Lily...it seems that rebirth and new beginnings was the theme for the weekend. Perfect in keeping with the symbolism of Easter... resurrection, rebirth...this weekend had it all!

Clearly, I was a little distracted by Alison's shop from my quest to buy seeds...but I finally made it to the back of the shop to find the perfect seeds for our spring planting from Urban Harvest.

Urban Havest is our seed store of choice, as it has an amazing selection of a wide variety of certified organic, open pollinated seeds, many of which are heirloom seeds with a long and interesting history.
Now in its sixteenth season, Urban Harvest offers over 350 varieties of vegetable, herb, flower and native grass seeds & seedlings, as well as garden amendments and natural salves.

When I researched organic seed providers, I found that Urban Harvest had the best prices (only 3$ for each package), the best variety, great online shipping service, and in- depth and informative descriptions of each variety in their seed catalogue.

Although we've left the city, Urban Harvest seeds are still our favorite for all these reasons, so we continue to use them; they're like us-grown in the city, and transported to the country where they grow and thrive!

Colette Murphy is the ever -friendly and knowledgeable owner of Urban Harvest, always ready to give advice on seed choices and planting. I was sorry to miss her the day I visited the shop, as she was at an organic market selling seeds. Her great employees Thea and Jordan were just as helpful, taking lots of time to guide me in picking the right assortment of seeds to start planting in April-and the seeds were on special, 4 for 10$!

These girls have loads of practical knowledge regarding organic gardening, as both of them have spent time training on organic farms. I left with a great assortment of seeds, looking forward to the rebirth of our garden!

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