Friday, 18 May 2012

Amazing online garden planner!

Well, last week it seemed that all was lost, as we had just found out that we had to leave the farm where we were living, as well as our's amazing how quickly things can change!

Things have turned out pretty much perfect in the last few days; we have been given the chance to rent an even better, bigger farm by wonderful friends, the forecast calls for warm weather in the mid 20s for the next couple of weeks, with all danger of frost past, so we can put in all the vegetables, and the rest of my seeds arrived in the mail today!

All of this couldn't have come together at a better time; it's a three day weekend and the perfect time to dig the whole garden and plant the entire thing.

I've recently found the most amazing on line garden planner-you should all try this-it's marvellous!
 Have a look at this planner, free for 30 days here.

This planner allows you to plug in your location and gives you info on your last frost date, plants for your region, and then allows you to build your garden according to the dimensions you enter. It's super easy to use, and makes planning your garden so much more fun!
It also has specific layouts for square foot gardens, which helps with getting the dimensions perfect. we're going with more traditional rows, and I loved when I dropped the various vegetables into their rows how the program gives me the exact spacing needed for each variety, and thus tells me how many plants I'll have for each type. There is also a drop-down menu and info on each plant type.

Once you have your garden designed, you can save your work and receive a link that you can send electronically to friends. You'll receive a map of your location with your garden plan, followed by a list of your plants and the number you'll have of each, and you're also given a chart with the ideal planting and harvesting times for each type of plant.
Here's the plan that I put together last night; I'm sure I'll be re-arranging it lots!

 This garden is going to happen & we can't wait to get digging! I'm so excited that the rest of my seeds arrived in the mail today from Urban Harvest-there are such amazing varieties-the names alone have me salivating!
I can't believe how fast my order arrived-I just placed my order on Tuesday and they arrived at the Post office yesterday. I would definitely recommend buying all your organic, heritage seeds from Urban Harvest-they have an amazing selection, great prices, wonderful customer service, and you can order everything on line and the delivery is fast! Of course, the most important factor...their seeds produce delicious vegetables and herbs...we've used them for three years now.

Look at how interesting these varieties are-I can't wait to see what everything looks like when they come up.

Our tomato seedlings have been hardening off and are almost ready to put in the garden...everything's coming together! Adelante!

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