Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The last row!

Amazing! After four weeks of hard work, we've finished digging our new garden! Ok, well, Andy finished digging...I was more the resident planter and planner, and Andy was the muscle behind the operation. This man deserves a vacation, after digging two giant garden beds at the new farm for four weekends straight, as well as after work at night-and he works hard all day at his day job!

Here's the view of the big garden-38 rows planted and starting to sprout!

We've definitely felt like we're on a deadline, as it's getting so late in the season. If you recall from previous posts, we had planted a large part of our garden already, and even started planting early in the season. We felt that we had a good start and were excited about having so much done already, when our landlord suddenly told us in mid-May that he was selling our house and we'd have to leave.
We weren't sure what we would do, or where we could move to that we could continue our country living dream!
Thankfully, our wonderful friends Katie and Mike generously offered to rent us their house, located just down the road from us, and told us that we could start planting our garden right away! Thanks to them, all was not lost, and we've tried to make up for lost time over the last month.

We decided to plant in two areas at the new place; here's a photo of the space that most recently served as Mike's hockey rink in the winter! It's a great flat space, about 80 ft. x 50 ft. with lots of sun all day, but the soil was packed down hard so we decided to till it with a rototiller.

We had to face the fact that we had a lot of work ahead of us. Overcoming that mental hump was the first step! Last year we had a local farmer come and plow out our garden bed for us, and Andy spent weeks digging the raised beds. This year we thought we had a head start, as we wouldn't have to prepare the beds, but only have to plant in the garden from last year. Clearly, such a leisurely summer was not in the plan! Once we knew we'd have to make a whole new garden again, we just started working at it every spare moment we had. Andy borrowed a rototiller and spent days tilling the soil.

We were so thankful for our friend Matt who gave up his Saturday to come and help us...and practised some risky farming by rototilling in his bare feet! Thanks for the help, Matt!

Matt's daughter Clara was a welcome new addition to the junior gardener crew!

Thanks to Katie's amazing dad who kindly tilled the whole other garden bed for us, we didn't have to rototill the other space, so Andy concentrated on creating raised beds and I planted our tomato seedlings, along with companion plants- basil, marigolds and thyme.

While Andy was busy rototilling and digging, I followed, planting, planting, planting! We had some good moments with our junior gardeners as they helped to get the seeds in.

We had some sweltering days, so breaks under the beautiful, huge horse chestnut tree were a usual occurrence!

Our dear friend Indra came and helped for a Saturday; we definitely appreciated her help planting and laying mulch. Her positive energy actually had the kids excited about mulching!

It's so much more fun gardening with friends!

Now that almost everything is planted, I'll get caught up on some posts about what we've been doing with our planting...more to come on the fabulous worlds of mulching, building soil, companion planting, pest control...and how to get kids excited about gardening!

No time to rest-we have a summer of weeding, mulching, pest control and watering ahead...and hopefully, finally some eating!!


  1. Hi Anna,
    I am delighted to have found your blog. I just planted my first garden this year (about 1/20 the size of yours!!) and I am eager to learn from you. So far I have some spinach and too-small-to-eat green peppers. I am looking forward to following your progress. And thanks for the tip re: baby jogger. I can't believe you have the energy to jog with all you are doing.

    1. hi Leslie!
      So glad to connect with you! I love that we're all gardening-it's such a great way to spend time with our kids and I love knowing where my food comes from, and saving money! We're just figuring this whole thing out, so it's fun to learn along with friends. Please share what you're up to in your garden-I need all the tips I can get! I just spend a lot of time pouring over gardening books, blogs, etc. btw, I don't really have energy to jog, but visualizing wearing my pre-baby clothes keeps me motivated! ;)I'll write more to you in a message on FB...would love to hear more about what you're up to. xo